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The next offering runs May 6-11, 2012.

Initiative for Women in Business
The Judy Project: An Enlightened Leadership Forum for Executive Women

May 6-11, 2012

The Judy Project is designed to strengthen organizations by advancing more women into senior leadership and CEO positions. Research shows that companies with more women in positions of leadership outperform those with fewer. The Judy Project gives women the network and skills they need to be effective and inspiring leaders, while addressing the unique challenges they face.

"If you acknowledge the importance and power of your ambition, recognize that it is there to drive you to greater achievements and sustain you through the challenges, and if you couple it with competence, hard work and the morality you learned at your mother's knee, you can defeat the insidious erosion of feeling inadequate, the fear of being in charge, the doubts that we all have about our capacity to lead."

Judy Elder, speaking at the WTN Gift of Wisdom Series, Toronto Board of Trade, March 7, 2002